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Praveen Paneer Selvam

Managing Director

Praveen Paneer Selvam serves as the founder and Managing Director of the company SEA BENZ HUB LTD - Mauritius and LAND SAFE TRADE PVT LIMITED under the registered Trade aegis -HERMICO

Hermico as the group brand encompasses various activities based on environmental goodness and social connections to adopt our innovative Go Green technology by providing the alternative of plastic and chemical. He holds a Masters in Organizational behaviour and organizational development at (Management Development Institute of Singapore) – Singapore, awarded by University of Wales - UK.

Praveen is also an expert in Emotional intelligence and has a Master's degree MBA rated by Harvard University. Into the business of Go Green technology products, he pioneered in launching the ‘’Hermico’’ range of Biodegradable products half a decade ago. He has received various recognitions from various ministries globally which shows his credibility and to work hard for the society and with turnover of 20 million rupees in the quarter fiscal year 2019 in bio degradable.

Some of his notable works and Buyer profile -Supply to the Government of India, Indian Army, State of Tamil Nadu and also to various countries other than India, including their Ministries/Govrnment . Awarded as the best businessman in Salem as well and also in Chennai. Will be serving as management and governance in facility management with strong Relationship building with clients and the employee.

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