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Pradeep Selvam

Technical Expert
Director & COO

Pradeep serves as a technical expert with a strong base of Electronics and communications background giving out a remarkable performance in facilities management; he specializes in Technical and machinery and also has a sheer experience in the marketing field.

Pradeep is equipped with a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications and awarded as the best relationship manager in the field of sales and marketing providing the company with 33 million dollars of sales in a single fiscal year. With a strong focus on commitment towards customer service and the ability to built productive relationships, resolves complex issues and win customer loyalty.

Prior to Sea Benz Hub, Pradeep has worked as a Technical and sales expert and also have adequate knowledge in Electrical network and embedded systems engineering. Holding the position of Executive Director of Land Safe Trade Pvt Ltd, he succeeded in bringing alternatives to Plastics globally with various activities as going green initiative with a clear goal and social responsibility.

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