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ISO 14001 :2015 EMS (Environment management system )

Incorporated in 2017, Land Safe Trade Pvt Ltd is a forward-looking company focussed on innovative technology to give an alternative product for Plastics and other chemical products. Land safe trade acts as a "Green Servant", to educate and enrich users, increasing the consuming population by creating Green revolution awareness. Focused on providing Eco-friendly products, Land safe trade promotes a chemical-free environment and where we say a Big “NO” towards a chemical world. We have one clear vision and mission: replacing as many single-use plastics with sustainable alternatives as much as possible and also to provide unique and natural “Organic” products.

Land Safe Trade has a global business providing chemical-free products and sustainable alternatives, which is well recognized and appreciated by foreign governments and also by the Indian government and the Indian Army.

With innovative concepts and quick response, Hermico provides best and sustainable solutions to its customers including MNC's. Through its inbuilt social responsibility, Land Safe provides awareness to people for different products like coir, organic bio-fertilizers, Biodegradable packaging products for a safe environment and safe humankind.

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