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About Us


"Innovating Green Revolution Via Technology Towards an Ecofriendly Environment", Land safe trade act as a "Green Servant", to educate and enrich users, Increasing the consuming population by creating Green revolution awareness.

  • Focused on providing Eco friendly products.
  • Land safe trade promotes a chemical free environment.
  • Were we say a Big “NO” towards a chemical world.
  • Our vision is to provide unique and natural “Organic” products.


Set of professionals who detail the market and provide “Innovative Organic Products” to a wide range of consumer’s domestic and all over the world.

Our Flagship Products

  • Bio degradable carry bag- 100% plastic free.
  • Organic manure.
  • Coir by products- coco peat blocks.
  • Neem based products-oil & powder
  • Organic foods
  • Animal feeds

Commercial Activity

The term “Organic” means “Expensive” So we carefully identify and promote our products in a competitive market price to make it affordable to all consumers worldwide.


An Environment Management System Company.