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Facilities Management by
Sea Benz Hub Limited Mauritius

Our core competencies are into Integrated Facilities Management - Technology driven with about 27 years of rich cumulative FM-experience of in-house leadership, Mechanisation as value arounds. Our USP lies in our adherence to State of the Art -Digital Service Delivery & Monitoring, Feedback Strategy from Last Mile (includes NPS implementation), periodical and transparent Audit Checks, Level of People Engagement, Self-performing service model delivered through Ownership, Integrity and Commitment.

With our cumulative expertise in Facilities Management, we are confident of emerging as one of the most optimum qualitative partner in service.

Security Services: Today we stand enriched with our in house talent to provide all facets of watch & ward solutions’ and security management including remote surveillance through analytics

Service Delivery - Blue Ocean Strategies

We stand out as Winners as we integrate strategic planning , operational focus and Last Mile Execution into our Customer Success Journey, thereby driving Effectiveness and Efficiency in our Performance. Our Vision is to increase our market share by creating Benchmark new market space and Processes for the competitors to follow. Our expertise in optimizing within best efficiencies is unique and our USP.

Our Vision

To achieve one of the top five optimum qualitative partner in service delivery to our clients in addition to a trusted employer of our own work force.

Our Mission

At Sea Benz Hub , We focus relentlessly and dynamically on providing State of the Art and optimized qualitative solutions win-win to our clients' for their non core areas including Facilities Management, Property Management, Asset Management, HR and Support functions, complementing as a trusted partner and adviser to ensure and align with our client's own goals and objectives.

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